Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging St Petersburg

Infrared Imaging is an advanced building diagnostic tool. We carry the new Flir C2 portable cameras on all inspections. Some of the uses of thermal imaging are: 

Common Diagnostic Issues

Electrical Issues

Overheating Breaker

Loose wiring, worn out/malfunctioning breakers, or overloaded circuits can all be potential fire hazards. Thermal examination of panels can detect potential safety concerns not visible by the human eye. 

Roof Leaks

Roof Leak

Flat roofs and low sloped roofs typically have no visible attic spaces, making even minor leaks impossible to detect. Interior ceiling and wall surfaces can be scanned to find potential sources or moisture.  

Hot Water Heater Elements

Water Heater Element

Water heaters have both upper and lower elements and they product a heat signature visible on the tank itself. Failure to see a heat signature on the upper or lower element may mean the element itself isn't working.   

Substandard Insulation

Substandard Insulation

Ceiling and wall areas can be viewed to determine if any insulation is missing. This photograph is of a vaulted ceiling where batten insulation was missing from an entire section of the ceiling.