Wind Mitigation Inspections

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Wind Mitigation Inspection St Petersburg

Wind Mitigation Inspections are conducted to identify certain features that resist damage from hurricanes. Discounts are provided only with proper photographs and necessary paperwork documentation. Some of the qualifying credits are as follows: 

wind mitigation credits

Roof Covering

Roof surfaces on a home that have been replaced with a permit after 3/1/2002.

Roof Deck Nailing

Identifying in the attic, the type of roof sheathing in use, type of fasteners used to secure the roof decking, and the spacing of them. 

Roof To Wall Attachment

Clips or Metal Straps (shown above) that are used to secure the roof trusses or rafters to the of the wall of the house with a minimum number of nails.

Roof Shape

Roofs that have a pure hip shaped roof (pictured above) are eligible for a discount. These roofs resist wind pressures better than flat or gable shaped roofs do. 

Secondary Water Barrier

A self stick membrane applied underneath roofing materials to the roof deck. This feature seals the roof deck and prevents water from entering the home in the event

the roof covering blows off.

Opening Protection

All glass surfaces on the home (including windows, doors, garage doors, and skylights) must be protected with Florida Building Code approved impact resistant hurricane shutters or impact rated glass. Plywood shutters are no long approved for any discount however.